NorPac Division: Vector Marketing

This site was created for a large sales organization in the North West that recuits a considerable number of student workers every year.  With no existing site as a reference, the client wanted to work off the logo to create a progressive, forward-thinking, visually interesting site that would wow the young recruits. This was a challenge, being that college-age people are the biggest demographic of internet users and would be more familiar with cutting-edge design techniques than any other user demographic.

I conceptualized a fresh and open design that allowed for the user to see a lot of info on the homepage by tying short posts to the slider. With that, the slider would have a transparent background and an unbounded top, creating an exceptionally open design. Amazingly, I designed all this to be easily managed through WordPress!

The design included attention to detail and extra graphics, including the fun bullhorn twitterfeed widget!